WOOD +ALUMINIUM+ materials on the earth are gifts of the nature to us

Together with ALPHA GROUP&HOLZMANN systems of which history starts from 60’s, DAG HOLZMANN has been founded. Europe’s leading Engineers and architects, our leading background of an almost half century innovation have become our inspiration and energy source in long years of R&D and P&D project studies.

HOLZMANN carries out a very long-established cooperation with DEUTSCHLAND ALPHA GROUP with its production culture and global operations power in design and innovation fields.

DAG HOLZMANN manufactures and markets patented systems worldwide in many types, series, models in wooden field.

DAG HOLZMANN grows together with the dealers and distributors in the region by leading globally scaled projects.

Sales is the integrity of systems according to DAG HOLZMANN; dealer’s window manufacturing machinery, profile systems, accessories are the main details of the system for us.

DAG HOLZMANN never leaves anything to chance, as so DAG HOLZMANN DEALERS.


It was not possible to use wooden Windows in high-rise buildings until today.

DAG HOLZMANN has made it easily usable in 20-30 storey buildings with the high safety concept it offers against fire and wind-breaking stable bearing capacity.

WOOD COMPOSITE adelinda window models with the patented system design of DAG HOLZMANN

It is the re-interpretation of Classical German reliability with an Aesthetics perception

POLIHOLZTHERM has been developed due to sector information and background of our Group for over 44 years in research and development activities with an amount of millions of Euro’s spent for R&D studies of five years. As a result of long-years of R&D studies, engineering experiences of leading expert many European engineers, POLIHOLZ THERM 9200 has been developed.

POLIHOLZ THERM 9200 does not allow insulation losses arisen from profile fineness by manufacturing A + Plus Class Windows (92)mm suitable for wide architectural structures with the current technology.

"New Generation Natural Wooden Composite Windows";

Offers Qualified Solutions Which Satisfy Different and High Expectations.

Interpretation of Classical German Reliability with an Aesthetic Perception POLIHOLZ THERM 9200

These products are fully complied with EN, EN ISO, DIN EN (Heat and Climate Protector, Sealing and Robustness) standards of European Norms. Windows manufactured in this manner, for instance, are now suitable for Germany Rules of Energy Economy (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV).

Without a doubt, the most significant feature to take into consideration of this system is its robustness and easy combination possibility with every kinds of materials.