Story of Windows has started 150 years before, and it still has been continuing with the importance given for quality since 1965. We produced long-lasting, durable for harsh weather conditions technological Windows with organic natural structure with the technology by bringing two elements together. AG GROUP has become one fo the leading of the sector with manufacturing-sales activities at various points of the world.

We work with local investment, direct sales, distributorship and franchising system in various markets with our investment capital and technological power.

Our company has international sales activities in building products in various fields alongside with Polymer-PVC, Aluminum-Wooden-as Door-Window-Advanced Technology molding systems-Advanced Technology Machinery Manufacturing together with Accessories-Support Point Steel Door-Decorative interior door manufacturing in building group.

Alfa Group Established in a modern industrial area of 230.000m2 with an annual capacity of 27.000 tonnes in Kayseri which is a large town on the near capital city of Turkey.

We are producing 10 different series from 60mm to 95mm.

With re-interpretation of Classical German quality concept according to today’s requirements, we have been displaying activity as one of the leading groups of the world in terms of product diversity. AG GROUP is one of the exclusive companies in the world which includes manufacturing-investment Technologies.

We feel right proud as a Group of being at the very top in the world rank of the sector in which we broke many grounds in patent-designing field in the light of official data.

This background coming from the very foundations of the sector has given us opportunity of developing solutions suitable for each market and provided us to be the leader in quality in the market. We have been working with this pride for 44 years now. We must extend our thanks’ to our business partners who share this pride with us.